There is no "one-size-fits-all" approach for environmental review and assessment work. Each project often brings a unique range of challenges and intersects multiple technical and regulatory issue areas. Templates and canned approaches typically fall at the first hurdle, especially for new staff. Meaningful training that results in real professional growth and new skills that have lasting application can't be delivered during a one hour lunch seminar. Sutro Science can design and deliver innovative professional training and support programs that result in lasting professional growth for talented practitioners. 

Our programs draw on our extensive industry experience managing multi-discipline teams and training staff who undertake complex environmental assessments that cross technical and regulatory issue areas. Our unique approach to professional training involves working closely with staff on active projects in a collaborative manner. Rather than providing the solutions, we guide staff towards independently developing the tools needed to define and identify pertinent issues and address technical challenges with clarity, confidence and creativity. 

The benefits to our hands on approach include preserving budgets by utilizing active projects as training opportunities, which has the added value of providing useful oversight and senior technical review as part of a project schedule. Additionally, this avoids the typical training session disconnect between theory and practice, where templates and simplified hypothetical scenarios often fail in the real world. Our programs help staff to apply critical thinking to address complex issues in a manner that results in a deeper understanding of how and why to craft truly credible and defensible assessments. Understanding "why" results in more meaningful growth than simply being shown "how".