Peter Hudson, PG, CEG, QSP
Senior Scientist

BA Geology
Professional Geologist, California (Registration No. 6730)
Certified Engineering Geologist, California (Registration No. 2368)
Registered Geologist, Washington State (Registration No. 2048)
Registered Engineering Geologist, Washington State (Registration No. 2048)
Qualified SWPPP Practitioner QSP #  2167
24 years experience
Direct: (415) 717-6469

Peter Hudson

Peter brings over 24 years of broad-based experience in engineering geology, hydrogeology, geotechnical, and surface water hydrology. He provides senior scientific support for environmental planning, permits, planning/policy assessments and environmental impact assessments that have an emphasis on hydrological and geologic issues, soils investigations and erosion/geomorphic investigations. Pete also provides senior support for strategic mitigation planning. Peter has authored numerous geo-science and hydrology-related technical sections under CEQA and NEPA and provides senior technical input and senior review for completion of work products including EIRs and EISs, and EAs.  Peter contributes his technical expertise to resource management plans, reclamation/restoration plans, erosion control plans, draft permits, (e.g., NPDES), land development environmental feasibility analyses, and site selection/constraints studies.

He is a professional geologist and certified engineering geologist in the state of California and a registered geologist/engineering geologist in the state of Washington. Peter is certified as a Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) as required under California’s new Construction General Permit.