Lehigh Permanente Quarry, County of Santa Clara, CA.

Sutro Science is currently assisting the Santa Clara County Department of Planning and Development (County) with work relating to surface water discharges at the Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Lehigh) Permanente Quarry, located near Cupertino, California. Sutro Science is providing the County technical support for water quality assessments and the development of corrective actions relating to Lehigh stormwater storage ponds that discharge surface water into Permanente Creek following large rain events that potentially exceeds the Basin Plan Water Quality Objective for total recoverable selenium of 5 micrograms per Liter (μg/L). Sutro Science are working in coordination with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board as part of this effort and are providing services involving technical peer review of monitoring reports, water quality analysis, and recommendations for additional work and corrective actions. In addition, Sutro Science lead staff will attend Santa Clara County Planning Commission hearings to provide the County technical support on issues pertaining to stormwater treatment, stormwater sampling and analysis, and hydrologic considerations associated with reclamation at the quarry.